Detox Body Peeling 150ml

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Deep cleansing and detoxifying

The skin-tightening detox body peeling with salt from the Dead Sea, spirulina and horsetail transforms into an alkaline deep cleansing on wet skin and stimulates detoxification

  • Stimulates the purification process
  • Cleans the pores
  • Stimulates cell renewal
  • Gives the skin a silky smooth feel

The Detox Body Peeling supports your skin in a unique way: acids and waste products are gently neutralized . At the same time which is skin regeneration and the cell renewal - and metabolic process , thanks to the combination of spirulina, horsetail and the precious salt from the Dead Sea supports.

Pure apricot kernel granules in combination with sugar crystals gently remove dead skin . Your skin will be thoroughly and pore-deep cleansed. The high-quality oils from avocado and coconut ensure a long-lasting care effect . This is how your skin shows its most beautiful side: even and silky soft!

This full-body peeling is also ideal as a hand or foot peeling . You will love this soft skin feeling . With the incomparable scent of a fresh, cool sea breeze , the Detox Body Peeling also pampers your senses. Let yourself be inspired!


Use the DETOX Body Peeling once or twice a week by massaging it in in gentle circular movements.

For a gentle peeling: Apply to damp skin, then rinse off.

For a stronger peeling: Apply to dry skin, then rinse off. Ideal for dry areas of the body such as knees, elbows and heels.

For a full body peeling massage: Take the functional skin oil as a base and mix it in your hands with the Detox Body Peeling. Then massage the whole body or parts of it and then rinse off.


Dead Sea salt, extracts from spirulina and horsetail, apricot kernel peeling, sugar, nourishing oils from avocado, rapeseed, sunflower and coconut, essential oils from oranges, mandarins, Virginia cedar and ginger.

The listed ingredients correspond to the current production status. Since we are adapting our formulation to new scientific findings and comply with the applicable regulations, the information on the ingredients on the packaging applies.

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