Massage Brush

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Massage brush

Promotes skin circulation

The massage brush made of first-class, nylon-reinforced pig bristles gets your organism going and impresses with its durability.

  • Stimulates blood circulation in the skin
  • Cleanses and opens the pores
  • Removes dead skin cells
  • Increases the resistance of your skin

Start your day lively! With this massage brush you gently stimulate your circulation . This will help you start the day lively! By massaging with this brush , you open the pores of your skin. Dead skin cells are removed and your skin is cleaned pore-deep . With the regular use of this massage brush you promote the blood circulation in your skin . Well-nourished skin is much more resilient and less vulnerable. You can use this massage brush on both sides. Thanks to the great shape , you can reach your back and all parts of the body. That means you will be massaged from head to toe! JUST gives you a 5-year guarantee on JUST brushes when used and cared for as intended. You can be sure that you can enjoy this JUST product for a long time!


You will get the best effect when you massage towards the heart. You can use the massage brush dry or wet.


First-class pig bristles, Reinforced with nylon; Polypropylene handle 

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