Pedibalm - 250ml

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Invigorates, refreshes and cares for your legs!

JUST Pedibalm is a special leg emulsion with natural ingredients from horse chestnut, butcher's broom and echinacea.

  • Invigorates and relaxes tired, heavy legs
  • Supports healthy microcirculation
  • Has a pleasantly cooling effect
  • Is immediately absorbed by the skin

The JUST Pedibalm relieves tired legs and feet. The combination of horse chestnut and butcher's broom extract promotes blood circulation . Your feet and legs are pampered and regenerated, while your leg muscles are relaxed. Pedibalm is fragrant and is quickly absorbed into your skin one . This way, your clothes remain free of residues and feel pleasantly refreshed in no time . Whether you or your family: everyone feels fit on their feet!


It is best to apply the Pedibalm thinly to your legs in the morning and evening. Massage your legs in gentle circular movements from the bottom up. To support the vein function, we recommend that you then elevate your legs for a few minutes.


Horse chestnut, butcher's broom extract, arnica, echinacea, allantonin, menthyl lactate

The ingredients listed correspond to the current production status. Since we adapt our formulation to new scientific findings and comply with the applicable regulations, the information on the ingredients on the packaging applies.

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